About us






The Roswell Gun Club (RGC) was first organized as a New Mexico corporation in December of 1961.

The Articles of Incorporation were revised in November of 1995 to establish the Club as a 501 C 4, non-profit corporation with the IRS.

A Board of Directors, consisting of five Club Officers and six Board Members governs the operations of RGC. The Officers and Directors are elected by the members in annual elections and are guided by a set of bylaws.

The present Club Administration is an active, aggressive group who are sincere and intent on increasing the opportunities for participation in the Shooting Sports by providing a safe multipurpose Range Facility for use by the Roswell Community, Chaves County and South Eastern New Mexico.

The Club Membership will average around 282 members, each paying a fee of $60.00 a year. Each member in good standing will be issued a key to the Range gate.

The present Shooting Sports Program features regularly scheduled matches conducted by Club Match Directors on each Saturday, Sunday and on three Wednesdays a month. These matches are not only open to club members, but to the general public. The Range is closed to non-members except during scheduled matches.

Matches are attended by competitors in the Roswell community as well as from surrounding cities and West Texas. Match fees are collected from these competitors and these constitute a source of the club's income.

The Range Complex consist of 245 acres of Private Land, owned by the Club, and includes a Law Enforcement Pistol Range, which is utilized for Training and Qualifications by Law Enforcement Agencies who hold an Associate RGC Club Membership.